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On this page you'll see photos of WTMA's current building and studios, located at 4230 Faber Place Drive, Suite 100 in North Charleston. (It's right off the Leeds Avenue exit of I-526.)


WTMA moved to this location in October, 2001, which it shared with seven other Citadel Broadcasting stations at the time. Today, four other stations -- now owned by Cumulus Media -- are in the same building: WSSX, WIWF, WWWZ and WMGL.

4230 Faber Place Drive: the radio stations occupy the right half of the building

The sign by the road -- with call letters from stations no longer in existence and/or owned by Citadel

The side entrance where much of the programming and sales staff enters
 -- and where the smokers congregate several times a day

Here's WTMA's Control Room, which includes four mics, a 360 Short/Cut, a CD player, two minidisc decks, a phone screening system, and a delay box. Just like the other four Citadel stations in the building, all commercials, promos, liners and jingles come from a Scott Studio System.

The WTMA Control Room console

This is the WTMA News Production Room. It's used for recording actualities and readers and downloading network audio. Local newscasts are broadcast from the WTMA control room. The reel-to-reel machine is for emergencies only, and hasn't been used in years. The 360 digital editor and the computer are used to record and edit nearly everything that's produced in this studio.

Another view of the WTMA News Production Room. This console is the oldest one in the building. (Hasn't that always been true of most news production rooms?) and was formerly the on-air board for WWWZ. A CD player, a minidisc deck and a cart recorder are to the left of the board. This is the only cart machine in the building and is almost never used.

Here's the WTMA Newsroom. The PC in the center of the photo is dedicated to receiving the Associated Press "wire" reports, which are printed out on the dot matrix printer to the right of the four small TV monitors. The four monitors are hooked up to the South Carolina Department of Transportation traffic camera feeds. You can also see some audio workstations and a couple of TV sets.

Here are a couple of audio workstations in the WTMA newsroom. In morning and afternoon drive they're manned by traffic reporters, who provide commute updates for all eight Citadel stations.

This is the WTMA Talk Show studio, which has been decorated (mostly)
 by WTMA's afternoon talk show host, Radio Free Rocky D.

Here's another view of the WTMA Talk Show studio.

Here's one of several production studios in the Citadel Charleston facility. Disregard the reel-to-reel decks in the left part of the picture; they're never used. Commercials are normally produced on the "bottom computer" using Adobe Audition and are dubbed into the "top computer" which runs the Scott Systems software.

In this view you get a better look at the board and the equipment in the rack.  From top-to-bottom there's a mic processor, DAT machine, minidisc deck, cassette deck and CD player. The DAT and cassette decks are rarely used. If a client wants to hear a copy of their spot, we burn it on CD using the "bottom computer". If the spot needs to go to another station, we turn it into a MP3 file and e-mail it from the bottom PC.

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