2005 Music Radio DJ Reunion
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On Memorial Day Weekend of 2005, many former DJs and newsmen from WTMA's "Music Radio" days of the '50s, '60s and '70s got together for a reunion in Charleston. Al Kamhi, WTMA's News Director in the mid-1970s, and his wife Pat graciously underwrote a dinner for all participants  and their significant others at the Market Pavilion Hotel on Saturday night, which was the center point of the event.

Between noon and 2 p.m. on that Saturday, there was a two-hour special reunion talk show. Originating from the "new" WTMA studios and hosted by WCSC-TV anchor (and WTMA alum) Bill Sharpe, the reunion participants had a great time talking about the "good old days." In case you missed you, you can download it below. The files are in MP3 format.

WTMA DJ Reunion Talk Show
Download Part 1
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Download Part 2
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Download Part 3
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Download Part 4
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Plus -- taking a cue from WABC in New York -- a special WTMA retrospective, "WTMA Rewound," aired on Memorial Day between 6:00 a.m. and 10:00 a.m., and 3:00 pm. and 6:00 p.m., complete with actual airchecks from WTMA's music radio days.

Steve Bell writes on May 30, 2005: "Thanks for all your efforts in organizing the WTMA Reunion. It came off perfectly. Bill Sharpe was the perfect selection as the interviewer, and the lunch was a great touch. Of course, Saturday night’s dinner was wonderful, and the sock hop was an incredibly appropriate event to schedule in conjunction with the reunion. It was so much fun to see all of my erstwhile co-workers and to meet some of those who preceded me. I sincerely hope that this is not the last WTMA Reunion. I also extend to you my thanks for all the work you have done on the WTMA Memories Web page."

Richard "Dick" Andert (John Smith 1966-67) writes on June 6, 2005: "I can't fully express what a fantastic time Mary and I had over Memorial Day 2005 when we visited Charleston for the WTMA DJ Reunion!  I've been bragging to everyone here in Los Angeles about your beautiful city and the great folks who came together for this event. The reunion broadcast was perfectly executed and all the guys who showed up for this were funny, insightful and just good to visit with. Our thanks to Al Kamhi for the excellent dinner and fun sock hop! I'll see you at the next one!!"

Gery London writes on June 8, 2005: "Dear John: After nearly a year of planning it finally happened: the 2005 WTMA Reunion. I'm sure I speak for all that attended it was a wonderful and unforgettable experience. Your efforts with WTMAMemories.com and WTMADance.com are applauded by all. Your love for WTMA truly shines like a beacon on a dark night in Charleston's harbor. We thank you from the bottom of our hearts. The reunion talk show was a lot of fun, dinner was excellent, the dance was great and the rewound show was spectacular. Job well done! I hope it doesn't take another 65 years for all of us to get together again. Maybe we can all converge at Al and Pat's place unannounced this fall. Wouldn't that be a hoot! I'm sure he and Pat would be just as gracious as they were for our reunion. I can't put into words what it means working with you on the Reunion. You are truly one of the last Original Personalities of today's generation. I wish we could turn back time and do it all over again with the guys that attended. Talk about a really great station! Heck, it makes me want to get back into the business. Please keep the love and passion for preserving radio history. If there is anything I can ever do for you or your preservation efforts please call. Again, thank you for a great weekend."

We also did something special for our community. On Sunday night we put on an old-fashioned WTMA sock-hop at the Omar Shrine Temple at Patriot's Point in Mt. Pleasant, with all money from the low admission price going to Camp Happy Days and Special Times. See photos here.

Bill Edwards, John Smith and Terry Allen John Burwell
Gery London  Jack Wilson
John Burwell, Brother Dave, Steve Bell, Al Kamhi, Gery London;
With camera: John Smith
John Burwell, Brother Dave, Steve Bell, Al Kamhi, Bill Sharpe
With cameras: Bill Edwards and John Smith
Bill Sharpe Steve Bell, Al Kamhi, Gery London, John Burwell
Gery London, Bill Sharpe John Burwell, Brother Dave, Steve Bell
John Burwell, Jack Wilson, Terry Allen John Quincy
Jim Diamond, Buddie Charles, Bill Sharpe Mike West, Jim Diamond
Buddie Charles, Jim Diamond, Bill Sharpe, Mike West Bill Sharpe
Bill Edwards, John Smith John Smith, Terry Allen
Kirk Varner, Jim Diamond, Steve Bell, Al Kamhi John Burwell, Jack Wilson, Terry Allen

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