1975 WTMA Operating Principles
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This memo was distributed to WTMA DJs in the mid-70s
by then-Program Director Lee Richards.


Every radio station must have its own identity just as every jock needs to establish his own identity. However, in establishing your identity you cannot destroy that of the radio station's. The station must have an identifiable sound all its own at all times. In establishing this identity, certain rules must be followed by everyone on the air!

1. The call letters and frequency must be given coming out of every record. The first thing you will say will be one of the following:

1250 / WTMA
1250 / TMA

2. This will be followed by the remaining basics, which will be included in each set.

Name and artist of the record
The time (always digital)
Your name

These basics will be followed by any information that you have to pass on. This should be bone fide information or material that is pertinent, not talk just for the sake of talking.

3. Remember, personality doesn't mean talk, it means COLOR! There is a lot of difference between talking a lot and saying something.

4. Every record should be back announced as to title and artist.

5. In music sweeps where two records are being played back to back, you will talk over either the fade of record one, or the intro of record two, but not over both. You would use the basics, i.e., 1250/WTMA, name and artist of the record (back announce), the time, your name, then color (optional).

6. In the case of several records being played back to back in a sweep, the preceding will be followed in each case.

7. Station jingles will be used only coming out of stop sets into the records.

8. With the exception of morning drive, there will be no talk over any record intros coming out of stop sets, except for the following: PSAs and Promos.

9. Unless it is absolutely unavoidable, do not run more than two events in any stop set before a record is played. If you are sold out, or the spots are fixed time buys, then do the best you can.

10. Never segue two records directly without using the prescribed format back announce procedure.

11. Never talk once the singer has started to sing. Once the singing starts the talking stops. Likewise at the end of a record. Do not talk, bring the record back up, talk, bring the record back up.

12. If a record has a cold ending, let the record end before you begin to talk. Do not come in over the end of any cold end record.

13. Use only station slogans, none of your own.

14. Be positive! Do not be negative abut anything in any way.

15. Play a station promotion cart last in your sequence in stop sets. (This could change depending on the contest.)

16. It is not necessary for you to be the world's greatest personality after every record. Do not ramble and search just for something to say.

17. The format is the star. Violate it and you are on the way to ruin. Every good jock can and does work within the confines of the format.

18. Constantly promote the station contests.

19. Do not say you are on until 2 o'clock, 5 o'clock, or whatever. The fact that you are going off the air at a set time means nothing. You are to be interested in the present, now. The only thing we plug ahead is the contest.

Our purpose is to capture the greatest number of listeners every minute, and keep them listening. At the push of a button you are dead and gone. You must be NUMBER ONE every second.

WTMA should be a streamlined sound, clean, free from negatives and irritants, consistent, tightly produced, fast paced, warm and personable. In others words, enjoyable to most of the people most of the time.

A WTMA jock should be mature, not screamy or impolite. A WTMA jock is a man, all man, with class. Not a young hip talking jerk! You are a pro and you are in control at all times.

Talk to individuals, not masses of people. People are interested in themselves, not everyone else.

Remember, you are speaking thru a record and not over it. Your voice should create an illusion of coming from within the record itself rather than apart from it. This is extremely important and it will develop an entirely different feel for you on the air, It should be your first consideration when opening the mike during a sweep. Concentrate on it until it becomes a habit.

Your music flow and balance is one of the most critical areas that you should be constantly concerned with. Keep your audience in mind at all times and program your music for that audience, i.e., middays: housewives; 7 to midnight: teenagers, etc.

1. Do not play two records back to back that sound the same.

2. Do not play two female records back to back.

3. Do not play two instrumentals back to back.

4. Don't ever play two slow records back to back.

5. Every third record should be a black record.

Follow the music rotations on your music sheets exactly as outlined.


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