A Note From Dick Andert
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On November 20, 2003 we received this e-mail from former
WTMA DJ Dick Andert (airname: John Smith)

I'm an alum of the Mighty TMA - 1966-68. I was young, stupid and having the time of my life at that job. I loved every minute of it!

Bob Kight has been kind enough to send me some memories and pointed me in your direction on the ARP site. It was great to hear the old 'TMA PAMS jingles! The best!

I remember opening up WTMA, getting in a little late sometimes, getting a ticket for running a stop sign because I was late one morning. Dave Welborne fixed it with the judge.

I left WTMA in '68 for closer-to-home Tulsa where I worked a couple of stations there until I quit radio in 1975 and moved to L.A. I did some acting, freelance photography and finally got a real job as a police officer on the LAPD where I am now a sergeant.

Dick Andert today

I've just done everything I wanted to do before growing up. Haven't done that yet.

Thanks, again, for the great memories on the website! Thanks for including my photo. I'm happy to be able to say I was on 'TMA during a couple of its greatest years! By the way, anybody know where Wayne Long, Dave Loyd and Ron Childers are? I would love to contact them.

Yours truly,

Richard Andert
West Hills, CA


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