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This memo was distributed to WTMA DJs in the mid-70s
by then-Program Director Lee Richards.


1. Be believable, sincere and enthusiastic! In other words be real.

2. Know what you are going to say and what you are going to do, from beginning to end BEFORE you do it. BE PREPARED AT ALL TIMES.

3. Plan your line up of records several ahead to make sure you have the proper balance and tempo.

4. Produce your show as tightly as possible.

5. Do not talk over the vocal part of a record except on fade endings. Records that end cold should end BEFORE you talk.

6. Do not whisper lovingly over slow record intros.

7. Do not call attention to your errors on the air. Recover quickly, and immediately go on.

8. Do not talk just for the sake of saying something. Meaningful talk is welcome. Say what you have to say in the briefest way possible.

9. House jokes or inside jokes are not allowed.

10. Do not talk with jocks or news people when you are on the air. You are the STAR.

11. Do not talk over commercials or make any comments about any commercials.

12. Your opinion on records is totally useless to the listener. Every record we play is a hit and is the greatest. Never knock a record.

13. Do not overuse hip talk.

14. Never talk or mention, directly or indirectly, your competition.

15. Be enthusiastic.

16. About humor:

(a) A joke just for the sake of a joke is not good.
(b) Tie your bits in with what you're doing.
(c) Use gags that are tied in with current events.
(d) Be tasteful in your approach.
(e) Too much humor is a bad approach.
(f) It is better to have absolutely no humor at all than to have a very unfunny attempt at humor.

17. Be brief, explicit, and enthusiastic.

18. Never segue directly from a record into a spot, or segue two records together with no talk.

19. Do not indulge in self congratulation.

20. Do not use too much teen talk.

21. Visitors are not allowed in the control room at any time under any conditions. Visitors are not allowed inside the station after working hours.

22. Do not sit and BS on the telephone while you are on the air. It is impossible to concentrate on two things at the same time. Your air show is the ONE MOST IMPORTANT thing.

23. No records are to leave the control room at any time without permission from the PD. This includes removal of records by disc jockeys and by salesmen.

24. Salesmen are not to be allowed in the control room at any time.

25. You are not to add or remove any commercial announcement from the program without permission from either Chuck Smith, John Trenton, Katherine Gianoukos, Carole Legette, or Howard Keller.

26. Keep up with your hit lines and in filling out your request sheet.


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